Monday, June 18, 2012

By the table

I took a look around the blog and couldn´t really belive that this picture wasn´t here, because I made it more than a year ago and really like it. it is. Three coloured linocut, 20x30 cm


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I was in Finland for a couple of weeks, during my visit I kept a sketchbook/diary.
It is about beatiful landscapes, sweet homes and good natured people. Finland really is like in the famous Moomin books, a beautiful land of mistery, good people and fuzzy warm feelings.
(cut-out, watercoluors, pencil. 9x14 cm)


It is Spring! Or was. I have been a little slow with my posts.
cut-out, watercolour. 15x21 cm

Vahepeal oli kevad.
akvarell, lõika-kleebi. 15x21 cm